Things to Consider as You Prepare for Your Wedding

  1. Engagement Photo and Announcement
  2. Ceremony Indoor or Out?
  3. Rehearsal? When and where?
  4. Are You Planning Videography?
  5. When do we do the Formals?
  6. What about other Photographers?
  7. Help!!! Where are the Flowers?
  8. Photo Planning Checklist

Engagement Photo and Announcement

Engagement Photo in Color Engagement Photo in Black & White

Included in most of our packages is the ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPH. The Engagement Photo may be color or black and white. We would normally shoot three or four portrait oriented poses to give us some choices.

If you wish (and provide us with the necessary infomation) we would be happy to submit the photo and writeup to the newspaper(s) of your choice. We will follow-up with the newspaper(s) to be sure the announcement of your special day is processed on-time and consistent with your wishes.

We have a couple of formats (with some fill-in the blanks) that can be used for this purpose and can send these to you (and of course you can modify these to suit your personal style) or we can take the information over the phone or via e-mail.

We suggest that submissions to the newpaper be at least three months in advance of your ceremony.

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Ceremony... Indoor or Outdoor?

indoor Wedding Outdoor Wedding

The venue you choose typically makes a difference in the technical aspects of photographing your wedding. Bright vs. subdued lighting indoors; sunlight vs. overcast outdoors; and of course just the difference between working indoor and outdoor.

State of the art equipment, and our experience with various lighting conditions will assure quality images in virtually any situation. However, we encourage our Outdoor clients to prepare a detailed backup plan for your ceremony just in case the weather significantly modifies or even totally rules out the outdoor venue.

We also encourage you to think about some conditions that are less obvious.... until you are facing them. For example, have you considered the effect of wet grass, strong wind, or even puddles or muddy areas that have to be negotiated? We aren't trying to talk you out of an outdoor wedding or outdoor photo session; but want to be sure you are ready for whatever weather might be encountered.

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Rehearsal? When and Where?

Rehearsal Photo

The Wedding Ceremony REHEARSAL remains a very common practice, especially for larger indoor services. If you choose to have a rehearsal, and you invite us, we would be delighted to take the time to join your rehearsal.

From a photographic standpoint it provides the opportunity to:

Finally, the rehearsal gives us the opportunity to take a few "Warm-up" images. The rehearsal is a real part of the event and many times is a wonderful opportunity for the reunion of family and friends that don't get together that often). If time permits we would welcome the chance to speak to the group and briefly outline the photo plan for your Wedding Day. (5 minutes max.)

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Are you planning Videography?


Having your Wedding Professionally videotaped has become a popular addition to the image portfolio. Professional videography often entails the use of multiple cameras and the use of additional microphones to record the audio portion of your wedding.

Wireless technology has made event videography much simpler. For weddings the groom is normally WIRED with a microphone that also picks up the voices of the Bride and Officiant. At Captured Memories we have done some event Videography but for most weddings we would prefer to concentrate on your photographic images. We would be pleased to make a recommendation/referral if you want your wedding video recorded.

If you plan to Video your wedding it is important your photographers and videographers communicate beforehand to be sure we understand what each other is doing. At Captured Memories we welcome the opportunity to work with your videographer to assure you get both the highest quality images and video records of your wedding.

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When do we do the Formals?


Our style at Captured Memories is generally characterized as being PHOTOJOURNALISTIC. This means we work to capture a detail chronological photographic record of your wedding day. If a rehearsal is involved we like to include that too, whether it is the evening before or on the day of the ceremony.

Most couples also want a collection of formal, traditional poses. This normally includes poses like:

The Bride and Groom must make a big decision that affects how the FORMALS will be scheduled. If the Bride and Groom decide they do NOT want to see each other prior to the ceremony on their wedding day (and of the weddings we have done this is probably the most common choice) then it is important to allow an extra 30-45 minutes between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception.

It is also important that the Wedding Party and Family know that they have to stay available on site immediately following the ceremony for these photos. Of course we will prepare the Photo Plan in accordance with your choice and make every effort to get the good shots you want within the time scheduled. We will share some ideas that have worked for us in the past on how to accomplish this with as little stress as possible.

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What about other Photographers?

Amateur Photographers

There is a wide variation of opinions regarding amateur smapshot and/or video photography by friends and family. At Captured Memories we welcome the efforts of amateurs as long as they exhibit common courtesy, and common sense.

We would ask that first and foremost any amateurs would respect the authority of the Officiant for the service. For example, some Officiants prohibit the use of flash and in rare cases may request no photography at all. In cases like that an announcement should be made before the service.

We have been asked from time to time if it is OK for friends and family to shoot over us as we take the formal pictures. Again, it is OK with us as long as common sense rules. We are almost always fighting a tight schedule so we discourage the addition of unplanned poses (except those requested by the bridal party which are always welcome). And we do request that we get the first few shots after a pose is set up... after that you can fire away!!! And finally, and again this is common sense, please try to keep yourselves and your equipment out of the way where we are working.

By the way! If you get some really good and unique shots send them to us and time and space permitting we might post some of them on the web site!!!

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Help!!! Where are the Flowers?


Flowers have always been a visual centerpiece of Weddings. Especially the Bride's Bouquet, which often (sometime near end of the day) becomes a souvenir for some UNATTACHED young lady.

Flowers are also VERY important to your photographer. None of the formal photos can be taken until two things happen:

Fortunately, this kind of problem can be very easily avoided by:

Let us know if you have any questions about "Flowers in Wedding Photography".

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Your Own Photo Planning Checklist

Graphic of List

Regardless of who you select to Capture the Photographic Memory of your wedding it's important that your photo- grapher takes the time to understand what is important to you. At Captured Memories you can be assured we will make every effort to capture a collection of images that describe your special day from beginning to end.

However, there usually are a few images you have in mind that are special to you and for which you want your photo- graphers to take extra time to be sure you get those special images you want.

One way to facilitate this process is the "Photo Checklist". Your taking a few minutes with your fiance and/or family members to review and mark this list gives you and your photographer an excellent platform for good communications. At Captured Memories we take the list, and our notes from our meeting with you and prepare a Photo Plan that we will use as our roadmap during your special day. Of course we will make copies of this available to you and your wedding planner(s) and/or host/hostess.

Feel free to download and print out a copy. (Adobe PDF)

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