Moscow cira 1978


These photos were taken in Moscow, Russia in August of 1978.

At that time Moscow (Russia) was the Central Governing Power of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (also known as The Soviet Union or U.S.S.R.)

The architecture in Moscow was simply stunning. This is a photo of one of the entrances to the Kremlin.  The Kremlin is a huge walled complex of offices that constitute their center of government (like a one campus version of our Capital, White House and Supreme Court in Washingtion).

St. Basil

This is a photo of St. Basils Cathedral, one of the most famous landmarks in Moscow.

It is located at one end of Red Square. My hotel on that trip was actually located on the other end of the square and I could see it out my window.

Kremlin Canon

The Canon shown in this photo is located within the Kremlin. It was represented to be the largest canon in the world!!! I don't know if that was true or not, but it was very large.

Lenin Statue

The statue of Vladimir Lenin is also located within the Kremlin.    Lenin, Marx and Engels were the formulators of the modern Socialist/Communist movement. (The Berlin Wall coming down might suggest it didn't work all that well!!)   Everywhere I went in Moscow their photos, busts and statues were prominently displayed.

Lenins Tomb

Lenins Tomb was a major tourist attraction in Moscow. Located adjacent to the Kremlin, just off Red Square.  People would line up for 200-300 yards to visit the facility.  I was told that foreigners, especially Americans would be ushered to the front of the line (I guess because they were so proud of their former leader and what he stood for.)

When I asked what there was to see I was told you simply filed by Lenins body, under glass, and that was it!!! For some reason galking at a man that had been dead for 50 years was not my idea of Sightseeing in Russia.  With all due respect I passed.

....Maybe when we get some free time we will dig through our extensive collection of albums (shot with film) and put a few pages of our favorites together....

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